5 Tips for Organizing Business Travel for your Employees


In this global economy business travel is an extensive and required part of doing business. Unfortunately it can also be a time consuming, costly, and frustrating aspect of doing business on a large scale. So here are 5 tips to make the process more cost effective and efficient without the frustration.

Consider a Corporate Travel Management Company

Using an outside travel company like Reed and Macakay that specializes in business travel arrangements is an effective way to free up your own staff for other more time sensitive projects. It is also the best way to get the best deals. Since these types of companies only deal with the travel industry they understand all of the unique aspects that affect business travel, booking rooms, and assuring that your staff has the amenities that they need to work from the road.

Another positive to hiring a travel firm is that if there are issues with your associate’s reservations or flights they have a go to number to contact that will help them get things sorted out immediately. These experts will often have a lot more pull than your office staff will when sorting things out since they work with these airlines and hotels in bulk.

Create a Dedicated Travel Staff Associate

If you still are not sold on the idea of having an outside company handle your employee travel, look to see if it is reasonable to have your company’s own travel expert on staff. This is one way of having all of your travel requirements in one place instead of each associate booking their own flights and hotels. It is a way of managing travel expenses as well.

Set-Up Business Accounts

Whether you are going to have one associate handle all of your company’s business travel or have each employee book their own, it is a good idea to select acceptable airlines and hotels to establish business accounts with. This not only provides your staff with their options as to where they can stay and which airlines they can fly on, but it also opens up the opportunity for corporate discounts.

Combine Trips

The best way to save money and manage travel is by keeping trips to a minimum. Urge employees to maximize each trip by combining sales calls with follow-up calls. Teach them to schedule their appointments with multiple clients to coincide in dates so that they can be handled in the same trip versus making multiple trips to the same region for different clients.

Use Technology

Minimize the number of trips your employees need to make each month by implementing the proper technology for them to be able to teleconference for smaller meetings; leaving travel for those bigger events such as major industry conventions, or negotiations that need signatures. Apart from that, technology makes your business more accessible from anywhere, especially in case of urgent business meetings. A time clock app can allow employees to clock in from home when you don’t have enough time to arrange a business trip or your employees. Taking advantage of modern technology is an investment that if used properly will pay for itself in saved travel expenses.

Business travel is a necessity for many companies, but it does not have to be a cumbersome process; by consolidating your travel procedures and using technological and travel resources you can minimize business travel as well as the chaos associated with it.