6 Tips for Packing Light on a Long Trip

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, no one wants to struggle with heavy luggage on a long trip. Not only is traveling with multiple bags a major hassle, but it will cost you more in travel fees as well. Unfortunately, packing light isn’t easy, and that’s particularly true for trips that last a week or longer. Thankfully, it is possible to pack light without missing anything either. Just make sure to follow our top six tips here:

Avoid Redundancies

It’s understandable to want to pack a few backups for very important items like phone chargers or airplane tickets when you travel. However, there’s little point in packing extra items like multiple pairs of tennis shoes, for instance. Resist the urge to take more than one book, toothbrush, or laptop on a trip.

Use a Compact Suitcase

It’s difficult to travel light when you use a massive suitcase to pack your things. Rather than trying to squeeze as many items as you possible can into a single, large suitcase, instead pick a more moderately sized bag and use it. This will give you a good frame of reference for what you really need and what you can afford to go without.

Opt for Smaller Alternatives

More often than not, it’s possible to find a smaller alternative for a necessary item if you do a little digging. Instead of bringing a pair of big headphones, for instance, consider taking a much smaller set of earbuds. Apply this principle as you pack.

Rent, Buy, Borrow

Towels, hair dryers, laundry supplies –– these are all items that you very likely will be able to rent, buy or borrow once you reach your destination. Don’t stuff your travel bag full of products that you’ll be able to access while traveling. Spending a little extra cash here can save you some big headaches down the line.


If you’re traveling for work, make it a point to speak with your supervisors about what you need –– and don’t need –– to bring with you on your trip. After all, a scientist wouldn’t want to leave behind important equipment like shaker flasks on a business trip. On the other hand, by figuring out what’s expected of you on the trip, you can set aside items that you won’t need and that would otherwise act just to weigh you down.

Give Yourself Time

Planning the perfect trip doesn’t happen by accident. So if you’re committed to packing light, then be sure to give yourself ample time to form a travel list. This way, you’ll be able to pack everything you need and nothing that you don’t!