7 Careers You Can Travel With

Maybe you’re in your twenties, and you just realised you never thought life would be like this – going to the same office every-day, talking to the same people – now you’re wondering how you got here. Perhaps you’re in your fifties, your kids have fled the nest and you’re looking to add a bit of spice in your life. Maybe you’re just yearning for a change.

At different times in our lives, we’re all susceptible to the call of the wild. Something within us stirs us toward the unknown; a career change – a career we can travel with.

For most of us, the idea of travelling around the world with our jobs seems like a dream. However, more of us than you might think have skills we can take and work anywhere with.

Here are 7 surprising careers you can travel with:

  1. Teacher

If you’re a kindergarten teacher in your hometown, that can seem like your only option – but don’t be fooled. There are schools all over the world that are desperate for native English speakers, across all age ranges.

In some places, like Singapore, you can earn much more than you ever would have done at home.

  1. Event Planner

Do your friends think you host the best parties? Then this one might be for you.

If you become a specialised event planner, who can organise conferences and other business gatherings with ease, you’ve just found a career you can travel with. Most big clients like to hold conferences in far flung locations – see the world and earn a cheque.

  1. Roadie

Maybe you live for music, or find you work best at antisocial hours. If that’s you, and your comfortable doing a little heavy lifting, a career as a roadie may just be for you.

Setting up the sound equipment for musicians or theatre performers can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You get to travel the world and see some great shows along the way – what’s not to love.

  1. Construction Manager

All over the world, people need experienced construction managers to oversee building works and engineering projects. The great bonus of this job is you get to spend a good chunk of time in each of your locations – 6 months in Dubai, 8 months in Cape Town, a year in Rio.

To stand in with a good chance of getting these positions, make sure you get your contractor’s license that’s required in Georgia and other parts of the world, to even work on a building site.

  1. Nurses

Nurses are needed everywhere, especially in some of the poorer locations in the world. Being a nurse is an incredibly rewarding job to travel with. You get to help people more disadvantaged than yourself, and make a tangible, practical difference in the lives of others.

Plus, you get to travel to some more far-flung locations than you would with other jobs.

  1. Tour Guide

Do you have a passion for history? Are you a good public speaker? A tour guide job may just be the gig for you.

If you love wherever you are, are good at communicating and have a great memory for facts, you could make a really fulfilling job as a tour guide.

It’s a job that guarantees you’ll spend your days in some of the most beautiful historic sites your region offers.

  1. Archaeologist

You might be surprised but you need less training for this than you think – what you need the most is passion. You’ve got to be prepared to spend an age sifting through dirt and finding nothing – although you’ll be doing it in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

If you have a passion for everything ancient and are the kind of person who gets excited about a little bit of ceramic if you know it’s from a thousand years ago, this is definitely the gig for you. Enjoy making history as you uncover it.