7 Carry-on Items To Make Your Long Haul Flight More Comfortable

Whether it’s work stress or wanderlust, flights are a necessary evil. The longer the trip, the more painful the experience can be. It doesn’t have to be like that. All you need is to choose the best carry on luggage as well as a few well-chosen items to make your long haul flight even more comfortable. Here are our top seven carry-on items.

  1. Earplugs and eye mask- if we know one thing about flights is that they are not quiet. Flight information announcements, steward call buttons, tray trollies being pushed into place, food service making its way along the aisle, conversation, crying children- the list is endless. It may also not be as dark you like it- think cabin lights, reading lights, cell phone lights. How can you remove yourself from the situation without leaving the flight midway? Two simple things. Earplugs and an eye mask can be of great help. If you want a deep(ish) sleep and that too with as little disturbance as humanly possible, close your ears with a pair of hardy earplugs first. Next, pull out a nice thick mask- satin or silk makes for a luxurious and comfortable option and pull it over your eyes. This way, two stimuli are removed- sound and light. Sleep peacefully for quite a bit of the trip.
  2. iPad portfolio- this cool sleek case is stylish and practical and does more than store your iPad. Since it is slim in size, it fits in the seat pocket. Within reach are all the things you need. Your essential travel documents, phone, earphones, the iPad, notebook and pen or pencil, everything is together and exactly where you need them. The portfolio comes in many colours and materials. May we suggest a zippered leather portfolio for better protection?

  1. Socks- there’s something about airplanes. No matter what you do, it’s always a bit too cold. You switch off the vent above your head, and it’s still chilly. What can you do? You can carry a pair of thick socks. Woollen is better. Covering your extremities can keep you warm. Slip them on and your feet stay protected. Put on a beanie cap, or cover your ears with a muff and now you will stay toasty and cosy. Carry an extra pair, if you need to, and change them for an instant pick-me-up.
  2. Warm Jumper or warm throw-over- yes, flights do give you blankets, but they aren’t always useful. Besides, shouldn’t you choose something more personal and warm (literally) to help you here? Seeing how much temperatures tend to fluctuate on the flight, you need a thick jumper or a throw-over to help you out. The jumper will keep your neck and arms warm. The throw can look after all of you. Coupled with your socks, you’re bound to be comfortable on the long-haul flight. Snuggle into it and read your favourite book or wait for sleep to find you. May we suggest a spritz or two of your favourite perfume or that of your loved one? It will remind you of home, and keep you calm and relaxed.
  3. Refillable Water Bottle- pollution is a serious concern in today’s world and everyone needs to do what they can to preserve the planet. Every time you use a plastic bottle of water, you are doing undue harm to the environment. A small bottle is thrown in to add to the landfill. What’s worse, it can often be filled with half or more of the water left untouched. What a shame and a waste. Carry a refillable water bottle and fill it up as and when you need it. Remember to empty it prior to the security check. This is because you can’t carry liquids beyond a certain quantity. Refill the bottle before boarding and you can stay hydrated on your own terms. Ask the staff on the plane for as much water as you need. Enjoy the most delicious drink in the world and protect the planet too.
  4. Toothbrush and toothpaste- long hours, food and drink on the plane, intermittent sleep- all of it adds to less than desirable breath. Carry a small sized toothbrush and toothpaste to ensure fresh breath before landing. In fact, carry a kit with wet wipes, essential medicines for nausea, anxiety, headache, among other things, some perfume, and a face refreshing spray. Greet the end of your trip with your game face on!
  5. Neck pillow- airplane seats can be uncomfortable. You can push your seat as back as you’d like, but you still need to get more comfortable. A neck pillow will help you here. It protects your neck from sprains and aches and ensures that you get better sleep. An inflatable pillow saves space also and comes in handy when needed. You get neck pillows which come with a hood to cut off everything from your gaze too. That’s a good idea as well.