7 Musical Instruments Travelers Can Take Everywhere With Them

What could be more heartwarming than a song played by the campfire? Celebrating with your friends when traveling can mean many things, but nothing beats a jam session held after dark. If you’re not particularly a good singer, and you are the type who enjoys more to play a musical instrument, you may be wondering what you could bring along.

A travel guitar

The beautiful sound of a guitar is perfect for a jam session by the campfire, but the truth is that a full-size guitar can take up a lot of room and hinder you while you travel. There is always the option of a travel guitar you can consider, as it is more compact, and will not be as inconvenient as a standard model.


Another musical instrument you cannot go wrong with is the ukulele. Small enough to fit in any traveler’s luggage, a set of ukulele is easy to carry around. Its exotic sound is perfect for sunny days, and evenings spent on the beach.

A harmonica

This musical instrument should be, by far, on top of the list. It is, most probably, the smallest you can bring along and it fits in a pocket. It doesn’t even have to be transported in your backpack. And, while traveling by train, when everyone seems bored out of their minds, you can always take your harmonica out of your pocket and entice them with a song. And you know what the most significant upside of a harmonica is? It is straightforward to learn how to play!

A flute

If you happen to be in a disposition to channel your inner passion for Jethro Tull, there is no better musical instrument to try your hand at some covers for famous songs played by this band other than a flute. This one is not as challenging to play as other similar instruments, so here is another big plus in its favor.

A violin

For people who happen to be violonists, this musical instrument is as good a recommendation as any. Of course, playing the violin requires a lot more skill than others, and unless you have several years of practice under your belt, or you’re some prodigy, you might not be able to entertain your friends by the campfire with more than a few attempts. The chances are they might not be in the mood to tolerate you after a day spent traveling.

A concertina

While an accordion should have a place on this list, we try to focus here on the ease of playing the instrument, as well as the ease of transportation. For these reasons, we decided in favor of a concertina. Ideal for happy tunes, this musical instrument will surely make all the members in your group forget about their fatigue.

A tambourine

You cannot go wrong with a tambourine. If you’re half decent at singing, too, you will be able to put on a show that your friends will not forget soon. Of course, it is not the same as playing an elaborate piece on a weighted keyboard, but it is still a musical instrument you can play at the beach, or around a campfire.