7 Ways to Enjoy your New Year Eve to the Fullest


7 Ways to Enjoy your New Year Eve to the Fullest

New Year’s Eve is the big holiday bash that helps close out the holiday season for many people. However, the pressures of planning a spectacular end of the year celebration can often be stressful and create an anti-climactic New Year’s Eve experience. Here are seven ways to ensure you enjoy your out with the old and in with the new, New Year’s Eve festivities.

Plan a Mini-Trip

Take advantage of the shortened business hours to take a mini-trip to someplace that you enjoy or want to visit. This is one way to get a way without having to use up a bunch of vacation time. Once you know where you want to visit choose a hotel that is offering celebration options to its guests. This takes planning your evening festivities off of your plate and puts these plans in the hands of experts.

Book a Hotel Package Downtown

If getting out of town isn’t an option try just getting out of the house. Many hotels offer New Year’s Eve party packages that include a room, dinner, and admission to the hotel’s celebration party; some even include a bottle of Champaign with your package. Downtown hotel packages are a great way to celebrate without the worries of driving home afterward, since all you have to do is catch the elevator up to your room when the night is over.

Use a Car Service

No one wants to end their year with a drunken driving situation or a night in jail. That’s where car services or limousine services come in. By hiring a car you avoid having to locate a taxi and illuminate the need to drive yourself, keeping you and your companions safe. In Australia companies such as limousine hire Perth are happy to keep you safe and secure as you party the night away, because they know they are keeping a few more intoxicated drivers off of the road.

Spend it with those who are Closest to you

New Year’s Eve is about reflection and as such does not have to be about giant parties or getting drunk. If big parties are not your cup of tea, spend it celebrating with those who made your year the happiest, friends and family who you enjoy spending time with. Make it a game night and have everyone bring their favorite board game.

Minimize the Clean-Up

If you are having a New Year’s Eve event at your home, minimize the amount of clean up that you will have to do after, by using disposable plates, cups, and utensils. You will also want to have conveniently located trash receptacles on hand so that guests can clean up after themselves.

If you just can’t abide by adding to the landfills with disposable eating ware, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come in the next day and do the clean-up for you. Another option is to hire a catering service. This is a good way to eliminate the cooking and a large portion of the cleaning at the same time.

Pre-pare Ahead for the Next Day

We’ve all experienced the dreaded next day after a long night of partying. The last thing you want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen making breakfast. Prepare something in advance that you can easily take from the refrigerator and place in the oven while your coffee brews. This will assure that you and any house guest that might still be lingering get the needed nutrients to start your bodies on their way to recovery, without your having to spend time that you are not at your best cooking.

Dress Comfortably

Although you want to look your best, you also do not want to be miserable. Choose an ensemble that not only looks great on you, but that will also remain comfortable as you dance the night away. If you just have to wear that special pair of heels that kill your feet after an hour, tuck a pair of travel flats into your handbag. You will find foldable slip on flats at your local grocery or drug store that are made for exactly this purpose.