Adventure Is Better With Two (Or More!) New Friends


Travelling can be a wondrous, exciting and incredibly fulfilling experience, but what if you just can’t build up the courage to go alone? Not to mention that single supplements on hotels and tour groups can be pricey, safety can be an issue and you can become lonely if you don’t end up talking to many people. All of these factors combined can become a recipe for many people to throw in the towel and stay close to home. It doesn’t have to be this way though because going abroad on a singles holiday is just what you need to enable you to go on the trip of a lifetime without having to wait for the perfect time for family and friends.

Meet New People, Make New Friends

Singles holidays aren’t what they sound like – an opportunity for singles to mingle and to strike up new love interests and romantic entanglements. While there are certainly travel companies that cater to that kind of singles holidays, you can find holidays for solo travellers or singletons that are strictly platonic and for friendship/group benefits only, such as being paired with some interesting people on the same tour in order to make prices cheaper for everyone.


Singles holidays can come about for any number of reasons. If a holiday is needed but you have friends that keep flaking out or your husband/wife is unable to come due to work commitments but has encouraged you to still go, singles holidays can be the best idea yet. Getting paired up onto a tour with other people like you who are travelling solo means that you can still get out and get where the action is without needing to convince anyone to come with. Check out a number of adventures that are available based on preference of activity. Whether you like action, adventure or just relaxing, you will find the perfect trip for you, and make sure you get paired up with people who like the same kinds of things – the perfect recipe for new friendships!

The Experience Of A Lifetime

Singles travels and friendship travel not only helps keep costs low and provides you with company on your trip, but it also provides a sense of camaraderie and friendship in the sense that you will always remember your group of friends you get paired with, along with the memories you all make while travelling together. Lifelong friendships can be formed, resulting in long term and meaningful relationships that can continue long after everyone gets home and the sand gets rinsed off your favourite clothes. You never know just who you might find on a singles holiday! So go ahead and check it out today and get out on that dream adventure you have been waiting for!

So there you have a couple of great reasons why a single holiday is right for you. These holidays can be the perfect way for anyone to see a country or region they never have before – with the added benefit of being added to a group of people on the same tour so you can all develop friendships as well as be able to go on that trip of a lifetime. So if you find yourself needing a holiday and with no one available, consider this holiday idea and get to meet some new and wonderful like people who enjoy the same activities as you.