Banish Long Layover Boredom with these Tips


The prospect of a long layover on a long-haul flight can be really draining. After spending hours squished up on an uncomfortable plane, the thought of then having to spend anything from 6-12 hours in an airport can be really off putting. Here’s some top tips to help you banish layover boredom on your next long haul flight:


When you’re planning your trip, try and refrain from buying some of the essentials you need to buy beforehand and budget to get them on your layover. This gives you an essential task to complete whilst in the airport and means that you’ll be able to make some savings by buying things duty free.

Fine Dining

A good way to pass some time is to book into an airport restaurant and enjoy a nice meal. Unlike the usual airport sandwich or fast food stop, a 3-course meal can take up a significant amount of time and means that you’ll be well fed and rested in time for the next part of your journey. Most of the major airports have some great fine dining options for you to choose from.

Freshen up

If your layover is lengthy enough to warrant booking into a hotel, take advantage of this and use it as an opportunity to have a much-needed sleep and freshen up. A CitizenM hotel provides the perfect opportunity to sleep in an extra comfy bed, enjoy a warm shower and enjoy some much needed relaxation time before boarding your next flight.


A lot of the major airports now have spa treatments or places where you can get your nails done and pamper. A spa treatment like a back massage or facial can really chill you out and be a nice hour away from the noise and business of the airport. Try booking in in advance if you know that you have a layover coming up that way you’ll have something to look forward to for the duration of your flight.

Catch Up on Reading

A layover provides the ideal place to catch up on some reading or work that you’ve always been meaning to do but never quite found the time. Most airports have their own library or if not, a book shop where you’ll be able to buy a new book. Use the time to read a book you’ve never got around to reading or try reading a classic. If you don’t enjoy reading you could always use the time planning some of the adventures that you’re going to have on the next part of your trip.

With all these ways to pass the time on your layover, the time you spend in the airport should fly by leaving you ready for the next part of your journey and to enjoy the rest of your holiday.