Bask In The Sun, Without Breaking The Bank- Ways To Save Money on Your Holiday

It’s not always easy planning a holiday and saving money while you do it, but here are four tips on how you can accomplish both at the same time.

Booking Tickets In Season

School and bank holidays are usually the time when ticket prices peak and holidays are at their most expensive. If you’re not tied down to specific dates for your holiday, then it’ll be best to avoid these times and work around public holidays. For families that need to stick more strictly into these dates and work round when their children are off school, a way to avoid high prices is by booking really early in advance, like during the january sales, or waiting for them last minute bargains. Many caravan sites and flights that have not sold out by the time these holidays are days away, will put the prices on special offer, so it’s always good to keep your eyes peeled for special deals.

Collecting Points And Air Miles

There are many deals available that offer points and air miles for the amount of cash that you spend on your trip. This is a great incensitive for travelers, knowing that you are earning  a reward when you go on holiday. Points can be used in various ways depending on your credit card provider and you also have the joy of setting aside air miles to put towards another spectacular holiday. Chase rewards is one great credit card options to help you collect points and air miles as you travel.

Cheap Money Exchange

You want to ensure that your wise in how you use your money when travelling abroad, and one way that you can do this is by making sure you’re not being ripped off by exchange rates. Many make the mistake of using a bank card that charges a bomb for withdrawing foreign money, this only results in being able to spend and enjoy less on holiday which is not what you want. Get a credit card that has a very low exchange rate, or withdraw the budget that you intend to spend during your holiday and get it exchanged at a recommended supermarket or post office that will give you value for your money. On the topic of value for money, you might want to also consider holidaying somewhere where you’ll get value for the monetary unit that you use. There’ll be many destinations that present a currency clash; where you’ll find the value of yours may drop against another, research on a holiday location that won’t bring this upset.

Package Holidays

Get everything in one and save yourself the expense as well as the hassle of having to book the accommodation and meals. Package holidays usually come with everything all inclusive and when you find yourself a good deal, it usually works out cheaper than getting things separately. If however you’re booking a holiday where you would like separate specifics and desire to visit many areas of one country, then planning your own holiday is the better option. Be cautious when finding your own accommodation, flights and tours, that it’s all within budget because you can begin constructing all your locations and visits and then come to realise once you finished that your finances don’t actually match up.