Beating the summer blues

With the rapid approach of winter, it feels like autumn has not had a chance this year. The weather is changing rapidly and the nights are getting darker and colder. To some this is the best time of year. They can snuggle up beside a warm fire, watch a movie and laze about the house all day without feeling guilty. With the dark and cold, you might not feel to obliged to do any unnecessary work. But for other people this is the worst time of year. They didn’t get to complete their summer tasks, they will miss the sun and the opportunity to get outside and be active.

These feelings are what I like to call the summer blues, where you long for the long nights and warm weather. If you feel this might be you, it’s time to treat yourself and get that positive mind-frame back. If you take advantage of the winter nights and weather you can come out a lot more positive and refreshed than when you went in.

Join the gym:

There is no better time to go to the gym than during winter. Use those extra hours you would spend in-doors losing some extra weight, gaining those muscles you’ve have been talking about all summer or use it as an excuse to socialise and meet up with those friends that you have been missing out on due to your hectic summer schedule. Your mind and body will feel the positive effects and you can arrive into next summer with that beach ready body.

Weekend away

What better way to kick those summer blues than by going on a weekend. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you cannot take a holiday with your family or friends. You can go on a spa break, visit distant family or friends or make a trip out of your Christmas shopping. You can combine some fun and relaxation into your winter schedule. A spa break may give you the illusion that you are in warmer sunnier climates and get your mind and body back on track. Plus, there will be better deals and far more availability in your favourite locations:


Use the longer nights and less distraction to finish that course you started or take up a hobby you have been meaning to do. Taking up some new studies is a great way to expand your career opportunities and to develop some new skills. Many evening classes begin during the winter season to allow you ample time to learn and develop some new skills. It’s a great way to use that extra time you have.

There are plenty of benefits from longer winter nights but it’s up to you to take advantage of these. Expand your career skills, take advantage of winter availability and deals or get that beach body ready during the winter so you don’t have to do as much work during the summer. Don’t let those winter blues come in and make the most of the season.