Best Apps to Keep You Occupied at the Airport this Winter


The winter season is here and with it comes the cold, which many of us are eager to escape. So, if you’re lucky enough to be going on holiday this winter season, and find yourself with time to kill at the airport, here are 5 apps that will help you pass the time in the most efficient way possible.


This is the best language app for your phone. With Dualingo, you can prepare yourself for your holiday by learning the language. There is a choice of 10 languages, and the app will take you from step one, all the way to fluency. If you find you have time to kill at the airport, why not give it a go, and take the first few steps towards learning a whole new language.


This is a brilliant app to have if you’re going on holiday. It offers a catalogue of ideas and ways to plan your holiday. You can browse the best restaurants, bars or upcoming events, and make sure that you make the most out of your trip. You can use it to book tickets and create a perfect customised holiday guide. What better way to kill time than to discover new adventures for your upcoming holiday.

All Jackpots casino

A surprise addition to the list, but thanks to the connectivity of mobile phones and tablets there has been a huge surge in casino apps that offer huge free bonuses for new players. Apps like the one by All jackpots casino are great because if you use the free offers only, you can essentially play for free, and hey, who is actually going to turn down some extra travelling money?


Tripit is a must have app for all you winter travellers. It’s great if you’re slightly forgetful, like I am, as it compiles all your travel information from your emails into one easily accessible space. It ensures that your flights information, rental cars, hotel bookings…etc. are not forgotten, and will remind you to complete each booking throughout the course of your holiday. If you haven’t got this app already, download it whilst you wait for your flight to land, and make sure you don’t forget anything on your trip.


Citymapper has 30 cities available in its directory, and allows you to map your journeys carefully so that you don’t get lost. It will tell you the quickest and most efficient routes to take and let you know of any cancellations that occur along your travel route. With time to spare, make sure you get this app so you don’t waste time on your holiday finding your way to your destinations.

These travel apps will help you to plan an amazing adventure, and will ensure you see, smell, eat, drink and hear the best of what’s on offer. Not only will they keep you occupied at the airport, but they will keep you brilliantly occupied on your holiday.