Best tips to save when planning a summer holiday


Organising a holiday on a budget can be tricky, particularly when there are bills to pay and one-off costs to meet throughout the year, such as your car insurance or a broken down boiler. But if you really do need to get away this summer, read on for our tips on saving up for your holiday.

Book early

If you manage to secure your accommodation and flights well in advance, you could save significant amounts compared to booking them just a few weeks before departure. According to some travel operators, the best time of the year to book is 11 months before you wish to take your break, although looking during off-peak times – such as after Christmas and just before the summer rush – should also bring up a range of discounted getaways.

Book last minute

In contrast, booking a really late deal could also help you save money – although you have to be prepared to be flexible about where you’re going, which airport you’re flying from and your day of departure. Many hotels offer heavily discounted rooms if you book them with just a few days’ notice, so pack your bag and make sure you have your passport to hand if you intend to take a quick last minute trip.

Use coupons

Sites like Groupon offer a plethora of coupons and discount codes for many major travel sites such as If you want to save on accommodation when you go away this summer, there’s nothing better than having as much as 50% knocked off the price of your hotel room or serviced apartment when you catch an offer at the right time. Deals like this go a long way to ensuring you make the most of your summer holidays.

Check the exchange rate

If you are not too fussed about where to go on holiday, let your decision be guided by the best value you can get for your sterling. Read up on the exchange rate and see whether fluctuations in the value of the pound can get you an upgrade without actually costing you anything more.

Seek the road less travelled

Resorts that are geared towards tourists undoubtedly have their place – most people working there will know English, for example – but they can be expensive. That is why it might be cheaper for you to go somewhere that is only just becoming accessible to tourists. Sri Lanka is one such destination that is set to be a prime tourist hotspot in the coming years, so get your visit in before it starts getting crowded.

Ensure the entertainment comes to you

Going out for the evening, which you’re almost certain to do after a day at the beach, can quickly eat up your holiday spending money.  it might be better to book somewhere that has all the entertainment you need right there. A cheap safari tour in Kenya could be ideal as your food and drinks will be included in the cost of the accommodation, plus you’ll be spotting wildlife aplenty from your camp – ensuring nobody has a chance to feel bored or restless.