Best Travel Tips from Professional Travelers


Traveling is indeed one of the most exciting things in the world. Exploring new territories and your own inner depths, overcoming yourself, making new friends, and – this is only a small part of unique possibilities traveling can provide you with. Nonetheless, adventures also come accompanied by certain issues that can ruin your experience. With the help of our kind friends from Russian dating website, we have gathered some travel-related tips and recommendations just for you. Dive in!

  1. Always have an extra piece of everything. While making your way through rainforests and deserts, you never know what awaits you ahead. Therefore, extra preparations can eventually save your day, health or even life at some point. Having an extra piece of clothing (especially in harsh weather conditions) is essential. Likewise, if you are filming or carry special gadgets, you should think of additional batteries and packaging. You might admit that caring too much can create additional problems instead of easing your adventure. Well, it’s all up to you.
  2. Have extra cash. Money is yet another problematic matter. With the invention and popularization of credit cards and banks, it has become much easier to manage your finances during a trip. However, what would you do if something happens to your cards or wallet? You should have some extra cash in a secret pocket. Make sure that the currency you carry your money in is used in the country you are currently visiting.
  3. Learn common phrases of the local language. Yeah, we know, you can explain literally everything with gestures and symbols. But what if the situation makes an extraordinary turn and you have to deal with much bigger problems than just asking for a direction? You should at least be able to ask if there’s anyone who speaks your language. In the end, it’s a lot of fun to learn new languages!
  4. Make photocopies of important documents. In the modern era of technologies, you are able to carry essential information wherever you go. Make photocopies of passports, tickets, insurances, and whatever you consider to be important. Likewise, you may upload the images to Google Drive so you will have access to them from every computer on our planet if you lose you gadget (well, if there’s an internet connection, of course).
  5. Stay hydrated. This is a common mistake among inexperienced travelers. You assume that drinking water is not a big deal and you can fulfill your needs anytime. However, staying hydrated in planes or in hot countries is essential to even stay alive. You may not feel severe thirst but you should nevertheless drink water regularly to feel comfortable. Likewise, staying hydrated during long-haul flights helps you get over jet lag much easier.
  6. Pre-order your tickets. If you Google “cheap flights”, you will find numerous recommendations that will help you lessen your transportation expenses. But there’s the only sure way to do it, and it’s preordering your tickets in a month or so. In most cases, the later you buy your tickets, the more you are going to pay.
  7. Make a list. Talking about planning. You should make several lists and a schedule. A list of your belongings will help you keep track of your luggage. Try to check such essentials as credit cards, tickets and documents as frequent as possible. As well, a schedule will literally force you to take advantage of every minute of your trip. But don’t overload your schedule! In the end, traveling is designed to release or stress and not pile it up. Have fun!