Can a Small Business Owner Really Take a Vacation? Yes! (But Only If These 3 Things Are True).

You’ve been “living the dream” as a small business owner after years of a grueling schedule managing a busy location of a national pharmacy chain. That experience paid off though and now you’re your own boss. Your independent pharmacy has been a welcome addition to the community. And you’ve built a large, loyal following because of the personal service you’re able to provide.

One part of this dream isn’t so great though: the lack of time off. This is a business you built from the ground up and you’ve invested so much—of course it’s difficult to entrust it to someone else, even for a weeklong, well-deserved vacation.

But being your own boss was supposed to come with the promise of more flexibility, right?

Guess being the boss isn’t so flexible.

Luckily, like most business owners, you understand the importance of taking vacation and the opportunity to de-stress, relax, and connect with loved ones. The problem is making it happen.

And if the following is true, there’s no need to worry. It’s time that you start considering destinations.

1. You’ve Hired the Right People

If you’ve started and maintained a successful small business, it stands to reason you also hired good people. You’ve already entrusted your employees to be “the face” of your business. Empower them with the responsibility for its success when you’re away. With thoughtful delegation, preparation, and reasonable expectations, trust that your employees will rise to the occasion.

2. You Put the Right Systems in Place From the Get-Go

In addition to hiring great people, you were also diligent in choosing systems and processes to ensure your business runs smoothly on the backend. So if you can’t yet envision yourself unplugging completely, know that you have access to virtually every aspect of your business through your pharmacy point of sale system. Seeing for yourself that your business can survive (and maybe even thrive) in your absence will hopefully allow you to relax and enjoy your vacation.

3. You’re Connected With Your Customers

One of the most rewarding aspects of owning a small business is the personal relationships you develop with your customers, especially if you’re in the health industry.

Use your upcoming vacation as a touchpoint. Send an email newsletter explaining you’ll be away and assure them they will be in good hands. Take the opportunity to say thank you for their continued patronage and trust and that you’ll look forward to seeing them upon your return.

Let Go

If these points are true for your business, perhaps it is time to let go. Reward yourself and take time off to relax and regroup. Perhaps you need to rekindle that spark that made you want to build your own business in the first place. Maybe it will provide a creativity boost that will make your business even better.

So…where to?