Choosing your relaxing spa getaway: the questions you need to ask

Relaxing getaways are quickly become one of a travel agent’s favorite short-term breaks. Whether it’s because more of us are just looking to escape from hectic day-to-day life, or that they are just becoming more accessible, they seem to be much more prevalent.

Nevertheless, no spa getaway is the same. What works for one person, or one group, isn’t necessarily going to be a good idea for another.

Therefore, if you are thinking about jumping on the luxury spa bandwagon and experiencing all of the bliss associated with it, here are several questions you should pose before you choose your destination.

Specialist treatments or simple spa facilities?

This is perhaps one of the more interesting questions you could ask yourself. Unfortunately, to make your choice of getaway harder, there is more than one type of spa.

The first is the “all-in” solution. This is the one which includes every specialist solution imaginable and if you’re looking for total relaxation, this is your answer. Procedures such as waxing, facials, tanning and massages are commonplace here – you really have your choice of everything.

The second option is a slightly watered down solution. Some establishments are marketed as spas, but really just include facilities such as a pool, sauna, steam room and maybe robes. They might have the odd professional offering additional services but in short, there is much less on offer.

Obviously, the second option tends to cost much less than the first, but for some people the price-factor won’t come into play here – they will want the total solution.

In a couple or going with friends?

If it’s a “his and hers” type weekend, it goes without saying that you’re going to want a completely different type of place to if you were going with friends.

This might seem like a minor consideration, but some groups will feel uncomfortable if placed in the wrong environment. Some hotels might be marketed as a spa, but really attracting groups of friends looking for a place to stay for the local nightlife. Meanwhile, others might be true romantic getaways and in contrast, these aren’t going to be suited to the big groups.

It’s all about making yourself feel as comfortable as possible in your surroundings and this will largely depend on who you are going with.

Weekend or weekday?

Rather than being a question, this is mainly a piece of advice you should be looking to follow.

A lot of establishments will market their spa facilities – but they tend to only be available during the week. Before you make plans, ensure that your chosen getaway opens all of its spa facilities at the time you are traveling.

If it’s the “watered” down solution, as we’ve already discussed, there’s a chance that it won’t be open every day.

What else is on the agenda?

While the relaxing spa getaway might be your main pulling point for this trip, don’t neglect other factors. You’re not going to be having your shoulders rubbed all day – there needs to be other things to do. For some people, a restaurant on-site might suffice, while others might want to venture off-site and experience the local life. Make sure your requirements match this.