Flying Hacks that Save You Money and Stress

Flying can be horrible, expensive and stressful, so you probably want to do everything you can to make the experience nicer for yourself and your travel companions. Here are some simple hacks you can use to make flying much more tolerable.

Know When to Buy

New sales are typically launched by budget airlines on Tuesday mornings. This impacts the industry as larger airlines need to respond to lower prices by trying to make their flights more attractive. That means the best time to book a budget flight is on Tuesday morning and the best time to book a non-budget flight is on Tuesday afternoon (some sources recommend 3pm). There are a host of buying tricks for you to use, so take advantage of as many as possible.

Think of the Cookies!

Booking sites store all your important interactions with them in little information packages called cookies. These cookies give them an indication of how long you’ve been searching for a flight. As flight prices are highly variable, it can really help to clear out your browser’s cache and cookies to avoid airlines pricing higher because you’ve been looking for a while (and are hence more desperate).

Take It Easy on the Journey to the Airport

You can save money and hassle by driving yourself to the airport instead of using a taxi or a disgruntled family member. The best way to avoid steep airport parking pricing is to use a site like, which finds you cheap alternative parking and takes a lot of the stress out of the situation. The link above shows you how easy it is to park even in busy metropolises like Queen’s NYC, but you can find parking solutions nationwide.

Take the Left-Lane in Security

Most people are right-handed. This causes them to have a psychological bias where they prefer turning right as opposed to left. Use this to your advantage and choose the security checkpoint that’s as far left as you can go. Logically, checkpoints on the right should be busier.

Come Bearing Gifts

Those working on flights often have a hard time dealing with passengers and staying calm throughout the flight. They rarely get a token of appreciation, so you might find it handy to board the flight with a box of chocolates or other treat and present it to your cabin host. They will appreciate it and even if they don’t give you an upgrade or any complementary goodies, they’ll probably treat you a lot nicer and it’ll feel really good to brighten somebody’s day.

Go for Morning Flights

Interestingly, flights are statistically more likely to feature turbulence if they’re in the afternoon. That means that if you get a little nervous from turbulence, morning flights might be your saviour.

Take Advantage of Seating Apps

There are apps and websites that allow you to find your seat map and view reviews of seats for you to make sure that you choose a seat that will ensure maximum comfort even in economy. They also map out power ports and proximity to lavatories and galleys so you can feel a little more at home in the air.