Getting There and Back: Priceless Tips for Traveling with Your Precious Baby

Parents who love to travel hope that their kids will love traveling, too. A good way to make sure this happens is to begin taking babies on long trips when they’re very young. Of course, parents will want the experience to be a happy one for all involved, and with a baby, that can be an issue. In the interest of delightful travel experiences for all families, we’re pleased to present a few priceless tips for traveling with your little one.

Happy airplane travel with an infant

Air travel with a baby can be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait to fly until your little one is a toddler. Most airlines allow babies to sit on mom’s lap and they may even offer free or significantly reduced fares for infants who don’t fly in an airplane seat. If your budget can handle it, you may wish to consider paying for another ticket and traveling with an infant car seat, say travel experts at A Cup of Jo magazine.

If you can, time your airplane flight to coincide with baby’s naptime. This lessens the chances that your infant will fuss and scream during the trip. Don’t forget to feed baby during take-off and landing. The swallowing action helps to keep little ears from hurting when cabin pressure changes.

Baby-savvy luggage option

Instead of a typical carry-on bag, wear a backpack. Your hands will remain free to tend to your baby, and you can stuff the pack with toys, snacks, diapers, baby wipes and other stuff you’ll want on hand when you travel with your child. Call ahead to find out if you can take jars of baby food and bottles of formula along, recommends What to Expect magazine. The more ‘at home’ your little one feels, the easier the flight will be for parent and child alike.

Traveling with baby in a rental car

First, opt for a rental vehicle that’s family-friendly. Older kids will appreciate a minivan with built-in video screens, but a newborn doesn’t care about that. Be sure to bring your baby car seat and ensure that it fits in the rental car you choose. As you would in your Jeep Compass or other at-home vehicle, strap baby in securely before you start the engine. Install the seat forward- or backward-facing, depending on the age of your baby and the style of the car seat. Many babies find the motion of a moving car to be quite soothing. Your little one may even sleep for the duration of a roadtrip. Just in case they do not, be sure to tote along all the snacks, wipes and other baby accoutrement you’ll need on your trip.

Before you leave on a trip with baby, read to them from travel magazines and be sure to express your delight and excitement about the trip. Chances are, your baby will catch your enthusiasm and look forward to traveling, too.