Got the Post-Festival Blues? You Need a Spa Trip!

Festivals are amazing, no matter what kind of music or scene you are into, they are definitely one of the key highlights of the summer. There are so many different amazing choices of festival across the UK, but they’ve all got one thing in common, you don’t return home feeling rested and clean!

It’s a fact, while festivals are great, you almost always end up feeling gross. Tired, sticky, sweaty and sunburnt. No amount of liberal baby-wipe mopping in a stuffy tent is going to fix that.

You’ve been looking forward to that festival for ages too! Now it’s all over, and you’re left in a field in the middle of nowhere, with thousands of unwashed strangers and desire for it to be next summer again already.

What you need before you return home, is a quality spa trip to iron out those wrinkles and get you happy, centred and ready to get back on with your normal life. Here’s why you need a post-festival spa trip.

Festivals are Draining!

There’s no denying, five solid days of standing in the sun or rain, late nights with too much dancing and lots of drinking takes its toll on the body. You really do need to take care of yourself when it comes to exhaustion at festivals, with many revellers getting hurt and ill every year. Festivals are exhausting, and once it’s all over and you look around and take stock, you really feel it.

That’s why a spa trip is perfect. Massages, a couple nights of great sleep in a quality hotel, healthy food, saunas. You’ll be feeling your old energetic self in no time at all.

Detox Away All That Booze!

If you’re anything like me, your festival probably wasn’t an entirely straight-edge affair. I’m predicting an abundance of drinking and junk food. Which is fine at the time. Afterwards is when it all seems to hit you, and you’re left feeling like death warmed over.

A couple of days in a spa receiving relaxing treatments, eating and drinking healthily and enjoying all the treatments and benefits is all it’ll take to get you feeling healthy and detoxed.

Get Beautified

If you come away from festivals feeling attractive and beautiful, let me tell you, you’re in the rare few. Smelly, grubby, sunburnt, worn out and coated in various layers of glitter are more my speed, which makes the sudden realisation that you’ve now got to awkwardly deal with a seven hour journey home all the worse.

Instead, go for the one hour journey to a local spa hotel, and fix yourself up. I’m talking manicures for your nails, facial treatments for your skin, and quality food, exercise and sleep for your health.

Instead of coming home from your festival looking like you’ve spent six years living in the world’s glitteriest slum, return like the conquering queen you are, with tales of festival debauchery and hilarity, all while being supremely relaxed and content.

It’s a great fix for those post festival blues too. You know the ones; you’ve spent eight week looking forward to and saving up for a festival, and now suddenly it’s all over. A quick spa trip will cheer you right up!