House Sitting is the Savvy Traveler’s Secret

While there are many out there taking advantage of a travel twist, there are few willing to talk about it and give away their best-kept travel secrets.  House sitting provides opportunities to savvy travelers who don’t want to spend their entire budget on hotel rooms or other tourist accommodations. When traveling with work in hand it is easy to get cozy and comfortable in a real house with welcoming warm and fuzzy pets to greet you every day instead of crowded hotel lobbies and Internet free coffee houses. You can easily choose from homes in some of the most interesting cities and either be right in the center of the action, or out in the country where peace and quiet abound. Not only will you save a ton of money, you also get the enhanced experience of a warm bed with clean sheets, a full kitchen and often very little responsibility in exchange. Your bank will still be full and the money you have saved for your vacation can be used to ensure you actually get to do some things in the city you are visiting. Fine dining or theatre, or even an outdoor adventure or two can be within your reach.


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So many travelers push their budget to the limit simply by taking a trip, but those with a creative mind can ease this burden drastically. There is no need to resort to crowded or insecure hostels when you can enjoy the privacy of someone’s personal home. You don’t have to spend over a hundred dollars each night for a warm bed and not much else as occurs in even the most elegant of hotels. You can prepare your own meals using fresh local groceries and truly enjoy what the location has to offer. For those less interested in traditional tourist attractions this can be a fantastic alternative allowing for travel and easy blending into a more normal residential area. Truly enjoy the scenery and the coffee shops that residents go too, instead of the few right next to the hotel where you are more likely to simply meet other travelers.

The benefits of house sitting are numerous and those who love animals can add in a whole other dimension to their travel pleasures. You don’t have to miss out on the cuddles, purrs or daily walks you enjoy with your own companions. You can arrange to care for homes with pets and enjoy all the comforts of home with a borrowed fur friend. There are web pages designed to connect potential house sitters with prospective employers in an organized, regulated, secure and professional manner, though you are always responsible for making careful decisions regarding where and with whom you choose to work. You might think this type of activity risky for both house sitters and homeowners, but statistically it is proving to be a great opportunity for both most of the time.

Research and preparation are key to successful travel no matter how one chooses to go about it. House sitting simply provides opportunities that are off the beaten path, and assist the traveler in saving money on housing. Nearly every desirable vacation destination offers opportunities for creative money saving, socializing, and establishing mutually beneficial relationships.