How the Ocean Can Help Reduce Stress

The positive effects the sea can have on your health have been long celebrated in both cultural lore and medical history, but the reasons behind these observed benefits are still a mystery in many ways. Scientific discovery has helped explain many of them, but for others there is only anecdotal evidence of its effectiveness and not a clearly understood mechanism by which it happens when you look hard at the evidence. Still, the various ways that exposure to the ocean has been shown to improve your health and reduce stress are fairly easy to understand, and they are also obvious enough that doctors were recommending trips to the sea and permanent relocations of residency for a variety of disorders long before there was any solid evidence or rigorous study of the phenomenon.

Calm and Perspective

The psychological effects of exposure to large open bodies of water have been long studied. Exposure to the sea often brings an instant sense of calmness and perspective. It tends to serve as a reminder of the scale of the world, which can reduce the perception one has of the scale of their own problems, making them easier to think through. The resonance of the ocean’s impressive size and age in the human mind can’t be underestimated, but there are also physical reasons for this sense of calm. Sailing tours San Diego provide you with a way to learn more about the area while seeing its sights and getting the benefits of this realigned sense of scale.

Physical Benefits of Sea Exposure

Exposure to sunlight is essential to the human body’s functions, and it’s hard to go out on the ocean without picking up some natural light. Not only does it help maintain vitamin D levels and support better health and lower general anxiety by doing so, it also counteracts the effects of seasonal affective disorder and other conditions related to underexposure to natural light. The ionized sea air has also been shown in some studies to help with respiratory conditions, including asthma. This provides the physical support for a longstanding tradition of recommending seaside exposure for respiratory problems of various kinds, although obviously for many conditions it can not be a sole treatment.

Increased physical activity is also beneficial to many health and wellness outcomes, and it’s hard to do anything on the water without being physically active. Beach trips encourage swimming, sports, and long walks in addition to the air and sun, and even boat outings like whale watching near Carlsbad CA involve a lot of movement onboard to find the best vantage points. There’s also the physical exercise gained from navigating your movement on deck while out on the open ocean, which can be a workout in itself if things get a little windy.

Find Your Stress Reducing Sea Adventure

There’s a lot to do on the ocean, from sightseeing to sports and fishing. That makes it easy to get the stress reducing benefits of seaside exposure no matter what you love to do when you relax. San Diego boat charters offer every conceivable option for activities, including educational trips to learn more about the local marine life. If you’re feeling like something more low key, even an evening on the beach with a book is enough to wash away the stress with the sound of the waves. Learn more about your options today and start enjoying the benefits of a life with lower stress.