How To Plan A Fun Family Holiday To China


So your family has finally decided on a holiday destination this year and it just happens to be one of the most enchanting, fascinating and adventurous countries on earth. Great choice!

The next phase of planning your awesome vacation can really make or break your family holiday. You need to start planning ahead and get some great itineraries pinned down to ensure you make the most out of your time spent there. One thing we highly recommend would be to go with a tour company you can trust.

Investing in a tour company to show you the sights and cultural delights can only bring more adventure to your vacation. It’s important you choose to travel with a reputable tour specialist offering China tours that are tailored to your needs. These tour companies have a team of knowledgeable guides who have lived in China for many years. Equipped with this detailed and accurate local know-how, they can tailor any trip to fit your specific requirements. With plenty of great testimonials, you can see they have delivered amazing tours around China for many families. Yours could be next on the list!

Apart from choosing a great tour company to show you the lay of the land, here are some other things you can do to plan an awesome vacation. Get your pen and paper ready, we have a lot to cover!

Head for the capital!

If you are planning to visit China for the first time, Beijing is a fantastic introduction to the rich culture and history of the wonderful country. You can really get a feel for the infrastructure, food, people and attractions by making your first destination the capital.

Keep your itinerary simple.

Book too many things and you will be running around like mad. You want to enjoy the time with your family and soak up all the sights without a constant reminder of the next booking. So be adventurous but don’t go overboard! You’ll also want to allow time to acclimatize a little so you and your family can wake up refreshed and raring to go every morning.

Plan a trip to the Great Wall.

One of the main highlights must be planned in advance and this will help make your family vacation one to remember. This is also where having a reliable tour company can really come in handy. They can not only explain the cultural and historical elements but ensure you have a safe and seamless journey up the wall.

Book a trip to Shanghai and Xi’an.

These are amongst the top destinations for families visiting China for the first time. Apart from the capital, these cities offer a mix of history and modernism making them vibrant destinations.  This is especially the case for Shanghai and Xi’an, also known as the gateway to China’s history, has an array of temples, towers, pagodas and shows. Don’t forget Hong Kong too! Brimming with innovation and insights into China’s colonial history, you also get the more family-friendly elements such as beaches, island parks and hilly sceneries.

Book the right amount of time.

This is especially important if you are travelling from a distance and need an extra day on each side to recover from jetlag. More than 8 days is definitely recommended to pack enough in for an awesome vacation. Eight days will give you time to see all the most raved about sights but giving yourself extra time is never a bad thing!

Choose the right time.

Try not to book your trip around the Chinese New year in February or Labour Day week in May. If you go around the big holidays, you will experience a sharp increase in business and prices of hotels, trips and more. If you plan on going during the holidays, make sure to work with a travel company as they can offer you great deals. Another thing to consider will the choosing the right season too as the sceneries have something different to offer with each season. If you do go in winter make sure you pack lots of warm clothes as the temperatures do drop considerably.