How to Plan the Perfect Summer Road Trip on the East Coast

The concept of the road trip has been ingrained in American culture for decades. As highways have continuously been built and nearly everyone owns a car, people can get around to wherever they want.

The east coast has a string of major cities from top to bottom. They each have their own unique attractions and locations to check out. Here are some of the best cities to include on your road trip, going state-by-state down the coast.


Let’s begin this trip by starting in Boston, Massachusetts. This is one of the oldest places in America and serves a focus point for american history. It features the “Freedom Trail”, where you can walk through countless sites involved with the revolutionary war.

By starting here, you can travel down I-95 into New York city. New York city offers tour packages to better structure your adventure in the city. Companies like TopView NYC will help you see the city at a reasonable price, so you don’t get overwhelmed.  The near endless list of iconic locations will no doubt fill up an entire day.

After finishing in New York, continue down I-95 into Philadelphia and Washington D.C. where the most important government buildings are located. The White House and Lincoln monument are a sight to behold.

The rich history experience in the northeast is worth seeing for any person. The added bonus of New York, one of the pop culture hubs of the world, makes traveling the northeast a wondrous experience.


The next stop on I-95 is Raleigh, North Carolina. This region has some of the top college basketball programs in the country all clustered together. Going to a game is a great idea for someone passing through.

There are two choices after this city. The first is to take I-85 through Charlotte and Atlanta, where you can see 2 of the biggest metros in the south. Charlotte is home to the NASCAR hall of fame, while Atlanta has global tourist attractions such as Coca-Cola World.

The other option is stay on I-95 through coastal South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the country. It’s got something for the whole family.

Then there’s Charleston, another city whose key to fame is the old aesthetic of the buildings. The low country of South Carolina is very charming to pass through. Those who took the I-85 route can rejoin I-95 through I-75 to I-16.

The next stop on the trip is Savannah, Georgia. One of the most peaceful and tranquil locations in the south.

The Final Destination

At last, you have you reached the Sunshine state of Florida. Jacksonville and Miami are major tourist hubs. A great place for the final destination on this road trip would be Disney World in Orlando Florida. Being at the happiest place on earth is the perfect way to cap off a long trip down the east coast.

Between historical sites, incredible cities, entertainment centers, and the wide array of culture, an east coast trip would be one to remember.