How to Set Up an Effective Incentive Travel Program?

An incentive travel program is more than an effective method to reward your employees; they are an excellent motivational tool as well. Today, an incentive travel program is a part of human resources strategies of many companies across the globe.

In fact, businesses that use programs like travel incentives reported to witness three times higher revenue than companies that don’t integrate such methods. VIKTOR, an incentive travel agency developed a program can assist in stimulating sales and improving worker productivity, engagement and retention.

Building a Staunch Incentive Travel Program

The incentive travel program is evidently a potent tool to boost your employees’ productivity. However, it is not simple to establish an incentive travel program that caters to the expectations of employees and aligns with the organization’s objectives. Following are some useful tips that will help you set up an effective incentive program:

2. Understand your Employees

Incentive travel program, as the name suggests, is an incentive strategy that companies use to motivate employees to accomplish certain objectives in order to acquire valuable rewards. For you to provide your employees with “valuable” rewards, you must understand what it means to them. Your idea of an incentive travel program might be different from your employees. So you must ask them, get feedback, and provide employees surveys on what kind of incentive travel package your workers would like. Without understanding their needs, your incentive travel program might end up being pointless.

2. Set Up Predetermined Goals for Your Program

The primary objective of the incentive travel program is to offer a reward that leads to personal gain. However, you can incorporate a business objective in such programs as well. Travel can provide an excellent opportunity for your team to obtain new skills and improve team spirit, thereby ameliorating the ROI.

In order to provide a benefit that supports your envisioned ROI, you have to think about the type of program you are providing your employees with. To achieve this goal, you must be aware of the weakness and areas of improvements. Examine your employees and look out for skills that would have prolific business results and then evaluate a travel program.

3. Harness the Potentials of Your Project Manager

Collecting relevant feedback, choosing the right location based on employees and employers requirements, etc. are some critical tasks associated with setting up an effective incentive travel program. However, building a once-in-lifetime travel experience and fostering rewards that encourage your employees to require proper management. In order to get the optimum results, you must integrate quality travel management solutions into the incentive travel scheme. A travel scheme that doesn’t align with your work culture, employees’ perception and objectives will not generate the desired results. Assign a dedicated project manager to manage the process so that every step is given due time and importance.

The Bottom Line

Incentive travel programs are luxury that should feel luxurious to your employees. Therefore you have to put in extensive research and thought while setting up a travel scheme in order to ensure both employees and company can benefit from it.