How to Travel Cross-Country On a Budget

So, you’ve decided to pack your bags and start your cross-country excursion. While this is a common dream for many people, it’s not always easy to accomplish. One of the main factors is the cost. How are you supposed to pay your bills while you’re on the road? What about the extra expenses of accommodations, fuel, and food? In today’s guide, we will take a look at some of the best methods to enjoy a cross-country adventure on a budget!

Make a Plan in Advance

You might be tempted to go on your adventure without a plan, but you’ll quickly find that this isn’t the best course of action. Without a set plan for your meals, itinerary, and route, you could end up in over your head. So, try to put pen to paper at least one week before you leave. This will help you identify potential issues before they arise. It will also help you make a budget for your entire trip so that you know exactly how much you can (and can’t) spend on a daily basis.

Make Arrangements With Work, Friends, and Family

Sneaking out on a trip in the dead of night may sound exciting, but your employer and loved ones probably won’t appreciate it. Therefore, you should always make sure to arrange with those closest to you first. Let your friends and family know about your plans so that they’re not worried about your absence. Additionally, be sure to make plans with your boss or employer so that you still have a job when you get back! It may require you to use some of your sick or vacation days.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

Unless you plan on hitchhiking the entire way (which can be dangerous), you’re going to need a quality vehicle for your voyage. If you have a lot of stuff to bring with you, a truck or van will likely be your two best options. Additionally, if you have a camper or trailer, you’ll also need to make sure that your vehicle can handle the extra weight. If you have a Ford truck, you can use F250 tow hooks to ensure a safe trip for you and your vehicle.

Consider Budget Accommodations

After a long day on the open road, you may be tempted to get a swanky hotel room for the night. However, if you do this more than once, it can quickly raise the overall cost of your trip. Instead, consider booking cheaper accommodations, like a motel or hostel. If you really want to save some money, you can go camping in the country or sleep in your camper overnight. This could end up saving you hundreds of dollars over the course of your trip!

Bring Non-Perishable Food

It will probably be tempting to stop at restaurants or fast food chains along the way, but food will be one of your biggest expenditures. Therefore, you can save a ton just by bringing your own groceries. However, it’s important to bring canned goods, cereals, and similar foods that will stay fresh for the duration of the trip.

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