Is a Serviced Apartment the Best Option for Your Family Holiday?

Are you planning a holiday with your family? Whether you’re travelling with younger kids, teens, your adult children and their families, or getting all the extended family together for a reunion and the trip of a lifetime, picking out the right accommodation for you all is important. You want somewhere that provides you with enough space for everybody to be comfortable and have their own privacy; features like an on-site pool, bar and restaurant; and close proximity to the town centre and all the attractions that you want to visit during your stay. Whether you are planning an exciting city break or a relaxing beach holiday, there are many reasons why a serviced apartment makes the ideal choice for families travelling together.

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Compared to trying to share hotel rooms, serviced apartments are more likely to have enough space for you and your family to all have your own privacy and enjoy a really comfortable stay. You can find serviced apartments of all sizes; one- and two- bed options are fantastic for small groups or two couples staying together, or if you’re going for a break with your kids. Unlike hotel rooms, you can all stay in the same place but you’ll have your own rooms for much-needed privacy too. If you’re travelling in a large group, you can find apartments with multiple bedrooms so there’s an option for everybody.


Compared to staying in a villa or booking separate hotel rooms for members of your group, staying in a serviced apartment often works out cheaper. You’ll usually pay the price per night for the entire apartment regardless of how many people are staying in it, allowing you to split the cost among the adults and pay less. And, starting prices are usually quite affordable too. Dream Apartments featured here in the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce, start at just £40 per night. Plus, apartments usually have their own kitchen and some entertainment options, so you can save more on the overall cost of your trip too when you factor in dining and going out.


Many people prefer to stay in a hotel for their family trip because they know what they’re getting, and the good news is that serviced apartments tend to offer everything you’d expect from a hotel and then some. Most have 24-hour reception desks and daily cleaning service, and some even have on-site restaurants you can order room service from and a bar. Your apartments might even have a pool, gym, spa and sauna on-site depending on where you choose. On top of that, you’ll also get high-speed Wi-fi in your apartment, your own kitchen, and plenty of storage space too.


Finally, serviced apartments make a great choice for families travelling together simply because they are such a convenient choice. They tend to have less strict check-in and check-out times compared to hotels and since you’ll have your own fully-equipped kitchen, there’s less of a rush to get to the restaurant at designated serving times.

If you’re planning a holiday with your family, a serviced apartment makes a great accommodation choice for everybody.