Maldives- The Dream Destination

Maldives is known as the epitome of heaven on Earth. The whiter-than-white power sands, pale blue waters and the calm lifestyle makes it a dream destination. This archipelago of 1,192 coral islands is located in the Indian ocean and is well-known as a romantic and tropical hotspot. The crystal-clear waters of Maldives and sunken sea-life has always been a magnet for travellers who fancy diving and snorkelling. If Maldives has never been your dream destination, you might want to rethink about your travel bucket list!

Wonderful Landscape

All the same islands which make up Maldives offer same eye-pleasing views. On the interior of the island, you can see outstanding peaks and stunning shorelines; it looks even better as palm trees makes the view simply scenic. However, most travellers have been saying that the best views are at night. There’s nothing compared to watch the sun set over the ocean while having a cold drink in your hand. Want to see more amazing landscapes? You can already have a glimpse of the prettiest gifts of nature by playing Animals and Nature themed slots at Bingo Extra. Any of the games you choose to play will take out into another world where beauty and bliss is everlasting.

Impressive Lodgings

There are few accommodations in Maldives which are suitable for people who are on a budget. But, most of the resorts are luxurious and extravagant. Massive suits, modern designs and fashionable guest patios are the main highlight of most of the hotels in Maldives. Plus, these hotels offer fitness facilities, spas and dining options which are simply great.

Exquisite Banquet

In Maldives, the guests have three options when it comes to dining. You can either enjoy the lavish dinners at hotels, affordable local foods on the streets or local dishes in the cities of Addu and Male. Many travellers prefer to try the hotel foods, but if you are heading there, you better try food items at Male as it is much more affordable. Plus, these foods are local like spicy fish cakes (kulhi borkibaa) and riha curry.

Water Leisure Activities

Scuba diving is one of the most famous pastimes in Maldives. The sheer number of isles make this destination a good one for scuba diving and snorkelling amidst the native marine life and corals. If we compare Maldives to other destinations, scuba diving in Maldives is unbelievably safe. While on holiday there, you can surf or enjoy private diving classes through most of the resorts. Looking for other activities? You can try rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking!

Solitude and Privacy 

When you travel to Maldives, you will definitely land at the airport in the city of Male which is also the capital. But, most of the accommodations and resorts are located on the little islands. Given that there are more than 1,000 isles which makes the country, the resorts are located on private islands which can be accessed only by staff and guests. Maldives is ideal for romantic and intimate getaway. Even if you are going with kids, it is absolutely safe and secure.

So, are you ready? Pack your bags and live the rosy life for a few days!