Options for House Removal

One of life’s biggest sources of stress is moving home. The list of To-Do Tasks is literally endless, the moment you finalize your plan on moving house. Besides the mammoth task of packing all your belongings, there is a long list of tasks to strike off from your To-Do List.

The good news is that if you plan well ahead and stay organized, the chance for things to go wrong is significantly reduced.  While weighing up the different options to move house, you should definitely look for the easiest and most affordable moving options for you – the ones that will enable you to move house easily and smoothly, without any major obstacle along the way.

These are some of the moving options that you can consider:

  1.  DIY Move / Use Your Own Vehicle(s) On Multiple Trips

If finance is the main concern, the cheapest way is to organize a DIY move so that you can save on paying the professional movers and shipping companies. This is only viable if you do not have many heavy and bulky belongings to move and are blessed with friends to help you on the Moving Day.  This option will only be practical if you’re moving locally – across town or to another neighboring same-state town or city.

  1.  Hiring Moving Labor Only

Moving labor providers are professional movers who don’t have a truck. The type of moving services you can typically expect from the best moving labor companies are: packing, unpacking, loading, furniture disassembly and furniture re-assembly.

  1.  Rent a moving container

Moving containers are rented as temporary storage before, during or after a move. These containers offer a great alternative to renting a moving truck, while also giving customers the added bonus of a storage unit throughout the moving process. Moving containers are typically made of weather-proof steel and can be left outdoors for long periods of time. Large moving containers are capable of holding a three to four-bedroom household, while small moving containers typically hold the contents of a one to two-bedroom home.

For this option, the company will drop the container off at your doorstep several days prior to the move. Customers are then given a certain amount of time to load the container. Once everything is inside the container, the company will pick it up and transport it to your new home. Customers will then unload the container.

  1.  Hire a full-service moving company

If you have the budget, this is the easiest way to move by hiring professional movers to handle everything for you. The professional movers will pack your boxes, load them onto the truck, move heavy furniture and assist with oversized items and unload your belongings.

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All the best and happy moving!