The 6 Most Common Flight Booking Failures and How to Avoid Them: Tips for Booking a Flight

In recent years it has become much easier to book flights online when you want to travel. But whether you really find the cheapest flight, you should already consider the following things in your travel planning. Planning a comfortable and enjoyable flight is not just about preparing a fund, something quite easy to do in this era even if you do not have enough amounts in your pocket as you have the freedom to search for online loan funds from Cashfloat or from other borrowers. You also need enough knowledge to ensure you will not make mistakes that should be avoided from the start.
If you avoid the following mistakes when planning your trip, you can save a lot of money without much effort! Here are the 6 most common mistakes in flight booking:

1. Not trust your own logic

But flexibility pays off and makes a huge difference. It is enough if you trust your logic, there are no secret tricks. Flights on Friday evening or Sunday evening are the most expensive, everyone wants to go home or away. The same is true for Monday morning and Friday evening flights. The best days of the week with the best prices for flexible travelers are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. In addition, avoid flights in the morning until 9 o’clock and evening from 18 o’clock – there are also business travelers on the way and the capacities of the airlines scarce.

2. Flying away from small airports

If you, for example, if you want to fly from Calvi, a small town in France, to New York, you usually pay very high prices. In this case, a road trip to Paris can pay off enormously. Bigger airports are like big food chains. They have a higher frequency, higher load airlines, lower fees; all of which contribute to lower costs.

3. You only book direct flights

Switching pays off. Even combined routes are included. If you think that you can run combined routes to save your financial expenses then you are wrong. In this case, be sure to pay attention to your luggage limits and flight times, and be aware that you may need to take a hotel in the transit city. The inconveniences, risks and easily overlooked costs should be factored into your calculation.

4. You always fly with the same airline

There is not the cheapest airline. Every airline has its routes, its priorities and its market. It may well be that an airline on the London – Hong Kong route is unbeaten in price but offers incredibly expensive flights from London to New York. That’s why it pays to compare airline offers before every flight booking.

5. You book one-way flights

One-way flights with conventional airlines (AUA, Lufthansa, British Airways, etc.) are expensive. They do not cost about half of what you might expect, but mostly just as much as a return flight. Thus only low-cost airlines pay off one-way flight combinations (for example Frankfurt-London-Dublin-Frankfurt).

6. You take your house and yard with you on trips

Luggage means weight and the heavier an aircraft is, the more fuel is needed for transport. In addition, this is labor intensive. Therefore, inform yourself about the baggage limits and try to pack only the essentials.

By avoiding the above 6 mistakes you can minimize the risks that can occur when you travel by airplane.