The best places to enjoy masquerade parties


Masquerade balls have always been so fascinating. You can hide yourself behind a mask, and dance all night with a complete stranger and still enjoy yourself. This type of celebration has been part of many cultures and countries from classic balls to modern ones. What could be more thrilling than having a great time while hiding yourself behind a mask? This is indeed a dire feeling that one would love to experience at least once! If this is your dream, then Venice and New Orleans will be the perfect places to visit during the Masquerade festivals.

The Carnival of Venice is the oldest and most prevalent masquerade festival celebrated in the world. Celebrated in Venice few days before the Catholic Holiday Lent, this festival is most known as it has been renowned since the 15th century until now. Back in the days, this festival was reserved for the high class elites, but today anyone can wear a mask and join in to have some fun. All you need is a fine costume and join the Carnival at San Marzo Piazza to have the time of your life. Drinks, strangers, performers, medieval dresses and beautiful handmade masks are guaranteed things that you will see.

Another place where these types of Carnivals are done is in New Orleans. Known as the Mardi Gras Ball, this elite ball is reserved for special guests only. Quite similar to the Venetian ball, guests have to be dressed in graceful costumes and masks from the old south aristocratic period. Tickets have to be bought to attend this special festival. However, there is another public masked ball that is organised for everyone. Celebrated on the roads of New Orleans, this ball is eligible for all. Dancing, drinks are at its best while famous artists play.

The Grand Masked ball, the famous Rudolfina Redoute ball and the Magic Ball are other masquerade balls celebrated in France, Australia and Rio de Janeiro respectively. These balls have one thing in common: it is restricted to the high class elites.

Why not plan to visit a more modern masquerade ball before the end of 2016? If you have had this wish, then have a look at the upcoming masquerade balls to end 2016 and welcome 2017: Black and Red Masquerade ball, All Black Masquerade party 3, Last call 2016 Masquerade parties, which will be held in New York between the 23rd and 31st of December.

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