The Ultimate List of Travel Essentials

We are all a little different when it comes to packing. Often, it depends on your destination and who you are traveling with. However, there are a few things that no matter who you are, or where you are going, you definitely need. These are the things you can’t afford to forget.

Travel Vaccinations

These are essential. Many countries require some form of travel vaccinations, but the requirements vary from place to place. So, be sure to check from the London Travel Clinic which holiday vaccinations you need well in advance of your journey.


Money is another must-have. Shop around for the best exchange rates, but don’t wait until you get to the airport as you’ll pay enormous premiums. A travel credit card can also be a lifesaver while you’re away.


Getting travel insurance when you book means you’re covered if your holiday is cancelled for any reason. If you are travelling outside of the EU, you’ll need to add medical insurance, too. If you are travelling inside the EU, make sure you have a valid EHIC card, which will entitle you to free or reduced cost medical treatments.

Passports and Visa

You won’t get very far without these. Make sure your passport is valid before you book. If you need to renew or apply for a first passport, be sure to give yourself enough time. Many countries don’t require a visa to travel, but some do, so be sure to double check.

Phone Charger and Adaptor

It’s surprisingly hard to buy an adaptor once you arrive, so make sure you take one with you, especially if you are going to be using your phone as a camera. Don’t forget any other chargers or spare batteries you might need. Headphones are another great idea. Especially if you are traveling alone.

Sun Screen

Sun screen can be brought all over the world. So, don’t panic if you run out. However, it is often much more expensive than in the UK, so be sure to take some with you.


Taking a selection of mini toiletries is a great idea, as you can never be sure what will be available at your destination. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin or are fussy. Also, remember to make sure you have enough of any medication you need for the duration of your trip, and head to the doctors for more if you need it.

Comfortable Shoes

Whatever kind of holiday you’re going on, you’ll probably want to do at least some exploring. Walking is a fantastic way to save money and see an authentic side of local life. So be sure to pack some comfortable shoes and a backpack.

Bug Repellent

Like sunscreen, insect repellent is available all over the world, but it’s often cheaper in the UK and you know exactly what you are getting, so be sure to pack it.

Travelling is exciting, and great fun. Making sure you have the essentials before you travel can make the experience easier, and cheaper. Writing a detailed packing list is a great way to make sure you don’t forget anything you need.