Travel Light: What Replacement Parts Should You Pack for Your E-Cigarette While Travelling?

Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity, and for good reason: they save your health and your money. But whilst they far outlive any tobacco cigarettes, even these will need parts replacing occasionally. Don’t get caught short on vacation, get clued up on e-cig components and make sure you’re stocked up for any eventuality!


Definition: can come in many shapes but typically similar to an AA battery style.

The battery life of your e-cigarette will vary depending on you and your vaping habits. The basic rule is, once your e-cig is no longer lasting the full day, or you don’t feel you’re getting as much out of each puff as you used to, it’s probably time to change it. If you’re still unsure, check out this guide for e-cigarette batteries.

Atomizer Coils

Definition: a small metal tubed casing with a coil that has threading at the bottom to be attached to an electronic cigarette

How long your atomizer coil will last depends on multiple factors such as the acidity level and PG/VG consistency of your e-liquid; the amount you vape, and how powerful your battery is. If you have an ego type battery, it is recommended that you purchase replacement e cig coils about once a month. However, even increasing how much you vape can make the lifespan shorter, so pack a spare just in case!

Vape Juice

Definition: vape juice, or e-liquid, is the fluid that fuels the electronic cigarette

This is the most obvious replacement product! No matter how much or how little you vape, you WILL run out eventually. Don’t let it be mid-vacation with no clue where to stock up. Take a bottle with you to keep yourself supplied so you’re not tempted to slip in to old habits and end up back on the tobacco. With so many options available, why not treat yourself whilst you’re away? If you’re normally a fruit fan, go for something decadent like donuts; or if you prefer a sophisticated taste, maybe blackcurrant and aniseed ice is more your thing?

Other Accessories

Sometimes, with a busy and luggage restricted trip, travel-specific accessories are what you really need to make the vacation run as smoothly as possible. Firstly, invest in a drip cap to prevent any unfortunate liquid spills all over your clothes. If you’re feeling really fancy, replace your standard charger with a stylish case that includes an internal charger to be ready to vape wherever you are.

Disposable E-Cigarettes

Definition: an e-cigarette designed to be used for a set amount of time and discarded

In case of any other eventuality, such as losing your normal e-cigarette, getting pickpocketed (although you would think they wouldn’t bother with a cigarette), or getting on the flight and remembering you left it on the table, consider packing some disposables as a precaution. Now you really will be prepared for any eventuality!

Don’t forget, like tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes are banned on US airlines, so make sure to stock up on temporary solutions such as nicotine patches for the flight.