Travel Manners Every Traveller Should Know

It is easy to forget ourselves when we travel. Being in a place we have never been makes us feel loose and comfortable. While this is totally okay, especially if you have been stressing about all kinds of things prior to your trip, it does sometimes affect how we behave.

At an early age, our parents have been drilling us with lessons upon lessons on manners. Sometimes, it just does not make sense, because obviously you have to be courteous and mindful of other people. It is basically just common sense in action, right? But you would be surprised to know that we all have a tendency to throw basic manners out of the window when we are traveling, to the annoyance of the people around us.

So before you start packing your bags and filling out that travel insurance to your trip to Australia, go over this list of travel manners you should know.

Be straightforward with strangers

Some people think that it is less rude to bottle up annoyance when someone is being noisy in a plane, for instance, or if a person’s bag is hitting you on the bus. But actually, it is more impolite if you suddenly burst out angry if it gets to be too much. If something is bothering you, it is best to tell the person what they are doing that is disturbing you and everyone else, whether if it is on the plane, the bus, or any place. By doing this, you can avoid being in conflict with the others and maybe finding out why they are being noisy in the first place. Maybe there is a problem you can help them resolve.

Never groom yourself in public transport

You know how you just brush you hair on-the-go when you are about to be late for work? That is totally okay when we are in our town because everyone around us knows how bad the morning rush can get. However, if you are on vacation and there really is no need to rush, never groom yourself publicly. If you really need to, do it in the privacy of a restroom. Some would not just limit it to combing hair, they would also clean ears or cut nails, and this will not sit well with the locals.

Do not hog space

Let us avoid being that person who reclines the seat all the way or the person who sits with legs spread wide. Just remember how you would react if other people are doing that to you. Be mindful of other people’s space, especially if you’re on a plane or a bus where there is limited leg room. Always ask permission if you are going to do something that will take up a little of the other’s space like using the armrest.

Mind your belongings

Additionally, always keep the size of your bag in mind if you are going to use public transport. As much as possible, bring smaller bags when you go out to town so that you would not hit passengers of the bus or the train. While sitting down, put your bag in between your feet and not on the seat beside you. Hold down the bag when you are walking so that it does not sway as much, especially on busy streets.

Dress suitably

Lastly, learn about clothing restrictions. Certain countries are strict about what should be worn in public, and as a tourist, you should follow them. These are some of the unspoken rules of travel you should take to heart before your trip. Follow them and your trip will remain stress-free.