Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors

Whether it is the fabulous food, the wonderful wildlife, or the sheer size of the country, Australia is full of surprises for those paying it a visit for the first time. There are a number of travelling tips that you should keep in mind for your first visit which will ensure you have the best time possible.

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The Recalibration of Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Opera House is the international icon for Australia, but it is a lot smaller and much more beige than you may expect. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, on the other hand, is a lot more impressive than it is given credit for. 

The Huge Distances Travelling Australia is Composed of

This is one of the biggest mistakes that first-time visitors make when travelling to Australia: they forget that it is a continent as well as a country, and it is simply not possible to see everything in two or three weeks.

It is a much better idea to choose two or three areas to travel in and focus on, rather than attempt to tick off all the highlights in one visit. The latter option will have you spending most of your holiday in transit.

The Large Areas of Nothing at All

Not only are there big gaps between Australia’s major cities -far larger than those in Europe or even the United States of America- there are usually far less small towns situated in these gaps.

This boundary between urban locales and bush is something that Australia should be admired for: once you leave the city, you really feel like you are in the wild, rather than having to take in as much as you can of a short blast of rural views before the next human settlement pops up.

The Sheer Size of Kangaroos

Eastern grey kangaroos are bigger, leaner, and a lot tougher-looking that most visitors to Australia dare to imagine, and red kangaroos take all of that and double it! They are cute, to be sure, but they are not to be trifled with, and you need to make sure you are nowhere near one that is about to kick.

Wombats are Wonderful -Better than Koalas Even

The other favourite creature from Down Under is the koala, but many first-time visitors are surprised to find them a lot heavier and sharper-clawed than may have been anticipated. You can also only cuddle them when you are in Queensland. Although they certainly won’t let you down when it comes to cuteness, their close relation, the wombat, will steal your heart from the word go.

They can only be described as a cross between a guinea pig and a panzer tank, and you will leave Australia describing them as a strong contender for the world’s cutest creature, guaranteed.