Vacation: Land Vs Cruise, Which is Better?

For most people, choosing between land and cruise vacations is a pickle. Both options seem fun and productive. However, how can you be sure you made the right choice?

With each vacation, there are numerous benefits and advantages over the other that make a choice difficult. Moreover, both share an equal amount of risks.

With land vacations, you can opt for camping, road trips, luxurious hotels, hikes, and multiple sporting activities. With cruising, you choose for water activities, numerous stop-over sight-seeing, indoor fun, and some sports activities.

Therefore, when deciding your vacation, you need to choose the one you’ll enjoy most. But how will you know which of them is better?

Below, we compare land vacations and cruise vacations. Take a look.

1. Cost

When planning for your vacation, your budget is the single most crucial factor to consider. It determines how much you can spend and for how long. You, therefore, have to look for the cheapest yet adventurous vacation option.

Traditionally, land vacations are more expensive than cruise vacations. This is because, with land vacations, you incur hotel accommodations, food, entrance fees, and other fees to different places.

You will also pay for fuel if you try road trips.

Cruising, however, is a much cheaper option. For one, most of your time is spent on board, and so, you won’t have some miscellaneous costs.

Moreover, some cruise companies offer amazing packages, such as the Bali cruise packages. This means that you get to enjoy more activities for less money.

As a result, cruising becomes perfect for your family while vacationing on a budget.

2. Facilities and Activities available

While on vacation, your main aim is to have fun. This means involving yourself in some fun activities throughout the holiday. Depending on the nature of the vacation, your facilities and activities will vary and hence affect your vacation.

If on a land vacation, most luxurious hotels have swimming pools, spas, kids’ playgrounds, gyms, courts for tennis and squash, or even yoga classes.

Cruise ships also offer a multitude of options, most of them similar to those of land vacations. However, the difference comes in from the fact that on cruises, all facilities are in one place. Moreover, cruise ships cover most of these facilities in their packages.

On land vacations, you may have to travel to different places to enjoy recreational activities. As such, it becomes more costly.

3. Adventure and Exploration

After a long season at work and school, your family needs a break from the typical environment and explore a new one. This calls for a vacation.

While both land and cruise vacations will offer you the experience of a lifetime, you have to pick the perfect vacations.

On land vacations, you can explore forests, go on hikes and camps, and enjoy your time at luxurious hotels. Cruises, however, you get to interact with people of different nationalities and cultures, and get a view of the wonders of the ocean.

Furthermore, when on cruise vacations, you get to make stops in numerous countries!

4. Ease of planning

Planning is a critical part of the vacation. For some people, it’s considered a part of the vacation. So, it has to be enjoyable and comfortable.

Whether you are planning for a family vacation or a romantic getaway, proper planning always seals the deal.

Land vacations are usually more tedious than cruise vacations. This is because these trips involve a lot of packing and unpacking, depending on your destinations.

On cruises, you only get to unpack once when you board the ship. This makes it easier to plan for what to carry and what to avoid,


There are numerous other factors you can consider deciding on whether to opt for a land vacation or cruise vacation.

However, based on the points above, I would say that cruise vacations are perfect for you and your family. It’s not only cheaper but offers as many activities and facilities as land vacations.

Therefore, when choosing your next vacation, never forget to try out a cruise vacation!