Well Traveled: You Can Make Ambitious Travel Plans On a Low Salary

If you think that world travel is only for super rich retirees, please think again. If you plan ahead and make a few easy lifestyle changes now, you can afford to see the globe no matter how sparse your income. Go ahead and make ambitious travel plans. We’ll tell you how to make them become a happy reality.

You don’t need deep pockets to travel the globe

Lacey McLaughlin is a well-seasoned traveler who doesn’t have a huge income. She recently told The Financial Diet magazine that she manages to see the world by scheduling smartly, planning ahead, earning money on the side and trimming expenses drastically.

Start by requesting time off from work. Ask for more than the usual allotment of vacation days. Make yourself invaluable in the weeks and months leading up to your request, and your boss will probably want to keep you happy. Deliver more than your normal workload and offer to work overtime to make up for an extended absence. It worked for Ms. McLaughlin, and it can work for you, too.

The minute you get vacation time approval, start socking away cash for your upcoming travel adventure. Pack brown bag lunches, turn off your cable TV and skip pricey coffee shops.Go through your wardrobe and pull together some nice outfits to wear abroad in lieu of splurge shopping before your trip.

Opt for a reasonable destination and work when you get there

Choose a vacation destination that’s relatively easy to get to. You don’t want to spend days traveling to the other side of the planet if there’s an equally alluring destination more proximal to your hometown. If you have a job that allows you to work from a remote location, take it along with you.

Think about what sort of marketable skills you already have, and take a job while on an extended stay in a foreign land. Nomad Wallet magazine suggests applying for an accepting a job at any destination that appeals to you. Teaching English is an option that provides a stable income to many global travelers. Be a private tutor and mentor a local apprentice. You’ll get to know the town you’re in from a local point of view and make new friends, as well.

Before you go

If your credit’s less than ideal, fix it before you leave. Pay down your credit cards and get your loan payments in order. If you need help pulling your financial life back together, visit http://debtconsolidation.loans/ and find out how you can reduce your debt by making reasonable timely payments. Take a second or even a third job and set the income aside to pay down your bills and save for your upcoming travels.

Graphic designers, virtual assistants, freelance writers and travel bloggers can take their work anywhere there is an internet connection. Establish yourself in one of these fields, and your nomad lifestyle may begin in earnest.