Why You Should Use GPS Tracker on Your Motorcycle

Whether you have a Harley, a common motorcycle, or a scooter you should know the importance of the motorcycle tracking device. Recent police records show that traditional security methods are not enough when it comes to securing motorcycles.

Many motorcycles even with alarms and system locks are stolen. What motorcycle owners need is a device that allows them to recover their motorcycle after it has been carried out and this is where the importance of the motorcycle GPS tracker comes into play.

This is what you need to know about motorcycle theft and the importance of the motorcycle tracking device. The following will make you understand how these GPS tracking devices can help you keep your precious possessions safe from thieves.

The Most Popular Method of Stealing a Motorcycle

It is during these moments when you forget to block your motorcycle or if you have a chain, but not very robust, that your motorcycle is in a very low protection. There is no one to blame if you find out that your motorcycle is no longer there when you look for it again.

But sometimes, even if you have a disc brake blocker on your motorcycle, it is not a guaranteed that it is safe. It’s because thieves lift him off the ground and hide him in a van, an easy, fast and silent way to steal your motorcycle. If the thief rides it, he will run the risk of being caught. Also, with this method of stealing a motorcycle, they don’t need to drive it; they don’t even have to cancel the ignition.

It is in the attempt to avoid situations like this that motorcycle owners need to know the importance of the motorcycle tracking device. With this tool a tracker, a good tracking platform and a simple application on your cell phone you can see the route of your motorcycle and recover your vehicle in a short time after it is stolen.

Why Padlocks Are Not Enough

As noted above, a padlock or chain is unsuitable for the protection of your motorcycle, each has a weak point. You may be using a decent type of lock and a sturdy chain, but even so, it can be cut with an angle grinder, with a steel clip, etc. So, using a tracking device is much better protection. And most importantly, it can help you recover your motorcycle. The device will send an alert if you move from your location, and even if you are inside a moving van, you can still follow your route and know the location if you are using a real-time GPS tracker.

The Problem with the Ignition Cylinders

Many vintage motorcycles have a very simple ignition cylinder. It makes these models easy prey for motorcycle thieves, unless they have a transponder chip in the key and a transceiver in the cylinder. The problem now is that there are test keys that work as real keys in many ignitions and are available for sale in various automotive stores. Even if you replace your ignition cylinder, criminals have many ways to bypass it.

The steering lock can also be broken, so thieves can easily take off. It is better to install a motorcycle GPS so that you can provide the police with the whereabouts of your motorcycle and have them recover it for you and catch the criminals as well.

What to Look For In a Motorcycle Tracking Device

As you are going to use the device outdoors, you need to find a motorcycle tracking device that is waterproof and solid enough to withstand the weather. It is also essential that the GPS device has a higher sensitivity of the receiver because the time until the first repair (TTFF) is crucial when it comes to the safety of your motorcycle. TTFF is the measure used to determine the period of time before the GPS receiver can locate a signal. If the TTFF device is fast, it means that the reception of tracking data is faster.

In summary

Properly securing a motorcycle is a very challenging task. The only way to have the peace of mind of knowing where the motorcycle is at all times with the help of a motorcycle GPS tracking device such as Moto raking. With the GPS device, criminals can take the motorcycle away from their parking spot, but they won’t be able to escape for a long time and they don’t know if they have a device first, second if they knew you don’t know where and it would take those hours to disarm to find it.