Exploring Cornwall’s Most Treasured Destinations

Every time that I go down south to Cornwall, I am left asking myself why more Brits don’t stay home and enjoy this spectacular county, instead of going abroad. Shortly after this question, I realise that I don’t want too many people going, as it may end up ruining the tranquility and the beauty of, in my opinion, Britain’s most beautiful destination.

What I love most about Cornwall is the treasure that you can find down here by way of quaint villages, quiet fishing towns and of course, the incredible natural splendour of coast meeting forest. Even if you go slightly commercial and stay in a holiday park in Cornwall, you will never be far away from the peace and tranquility which this county brings, and here are some of my favourite spots to find it.


Although it is a pretty large town, Padstow greets you like a sleepy village, thriving from the trawlers that arrive on the harbour each morning. The town weaves and meanders down the hillside before arriving at the water’s edge, and throughout you will find some of the finest seafood ever tasted. TV chef Rick Stein also fell in love with Padstow and he has both a restaurant and a fish and chip take away here which are to die for. If you want to visit the nation’s most beautiful harbour town, get yourself to Padstow.

St Ives

If you fell asleep at home and woke up in St Ives, you would swear that you were on some idyllic Greek island or the French Riviera. Nowhere does the sea look as beautiful as it does from St Ives, with turquoise colours and absolute clarity. The town itself is so very quiet and offers you a place to really get away from it all with a slow pace of life, and a fancy for the simple things in life.

Port Isaac

Port Isaac makes for a perfect day trip, a fishing village which is stashed amongst the rocky coastline of Cornwall, that has been used as a set for countless films and TV shows. In terms of things to do, there are a few places where you can visit but the real secret to enjoying this fishing village is to do absolutely nothing but wander about in the picturesque scenery and stare out across the Atlantic ocean.


In the southeast of Cornwall you will find Looe, a delightful little fishing town which has turned into a very ‘cool and chic’ location to spend your time. Whether you want to have some fun on the beach and take part in some water activities, or simply relax in the burning midday sun, this is a great place in which to do it. As is the hallmark of a great Cornish town, there is a very relaxed vibe about Looe and the people who live here.

Why not discover the treasures of Cornwall this year with a weekend break?