How to organize your workspace

Source: Unsplash | Domenico Loia

As the saying goes, a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. So whether you’re a student, business owner, or anyone else who might need to juggle quite a few tasks on a daily basis, an organized workspace is key. Knowing where everything is when you need it helps you work more efficiently and ultimately get more done.

This is also important if your workspace is on the go. If you’re a digital nomad who works wherever there’s an internet connection, you’ll probably find it even more crucial to keep your ever-evolving workspace organized.

But how do you keep this workspace clean and organized? Though it might be surprising to hear, stickers can be a huge help! Sticking some labels onto your work materials and around your workspace can ensure everything in its right spot at all times. So here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use different book labels to keep your projects organized: If you’re a writer, you probably have a million different notebooks. They’re a writer’s best friend. You might have one notebook for each project — and each project might be in some different state of completion. It can get confusing! Having book labels on each notebook helps ensure you’re always working in the right one and not mixing and matching projects. It’s also a bright, colorful way to keep all of your notebooks straight!
  • Plaster some shape labels on your binders: Some binders are fat. Some are thin. Some are somewhere in between. But no matter the shape or size of your binder, a nice shape label can go on the side of your binders. Now when you reach for a binder stacked up on your bookcase, you know you’re reaching for the right family. And coding these labels with different colors for different projects or subjects is a way to give your organized workspace some flair!
  • Deliver projects to clients with branded custom stickers: Maybe you’re a freelance artist and you need to deliver projects to a whole range of clients. You deliver these projects in folders — and you don’t want your workspace to be overrun with mislabeled folders. Because what’s less professional than delivering the wrong work to the wrong client? First, create folders for each of your clients and then pop on a sticker with your brand’s logo to make this folder look extra professional. Then pop on another sticker with the client’s name so that you’re always sure you’re putting the right work in the right folder.
  • Give your workspace some character with photo stickers: It can be hard to stay focused and organized if your workspace is just a bit…dull. So pasting some photo stickers of family members or friends is a great way to give your workspace a personal touch and sentimental value. And if you’re the digital nomad type and working on the go, pasting these stickers on your laptop is a good way to keep memories close wherever your travels take you!

No matter what kind of workspace you’re trying to create for yourself, StickerYou can help you make sure everything is in order. So what are you waiting for? Create some stickers at today that will keep you organized and productive!