Is There a Change in Gifting Trend?

Buying gifts is something that we associate with tradition and whether it is for a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, we usually follow trends. But recently it has been discovered that these trends have changed and will probably never be the same again. So where does that leave us when it is our turn to gift something unique to that special person? This post takes a closer look at how gifting trends have changed and why that seems to be the case.

Online gifting

Online gifting is really starting to become more common thanks to social media platforms and other cyber entities. These can take the form of a gift voucher for a major online retailer or something a little more bespoke. The reason for this is that many of us spend most of our spare time online and that reflects on our choice of gifting. Starbucks gift cards seem to be just one example of how the big hitters are making the most of this trend and we also noticed that many of the main online gaming companies have swiftly followed suit here. Perhaps this option lacks a little human warmth but that doesn’t seem to bother the latest generation too much.

Travel gifts

Whilst the previous trend may leave some of us cold, how about choosing travel gift cards for that special someone in your life? This trend has also gone through the roof and at least shows a little more style and substance when compared to online gifting options. The holiday companies and airlines have really jumped on the bandwagon here and that is reflected in the sheer amount of choice we have when looking for this particular type of gift. Sure, they offer some nice discounts and offers for potential buyers to pick from, but the bottom line is always the same. This isn’t to say that our second example of new gifting trends isn’t a great way to express how much you care, but try not to get carried away and always read the small print. Travel gift cards can be an excellent option for your friends or family and they will certainly become even more popular and interesting in the future.

Personal gifts

So, our last gifting trend is one for those who enjoy adding their special touch to the whole event. Thanks to changing values in society, it has been apparent that picking a personal gift has become very popular indeed. These can take the form of a special day out on a race track or maybe a weekend of horse riding through to hot air balloon rides or even bungee jumping. The point is all about selecting that gift that you know will be appreciated by your friend or family member and something that will remain a treasured memory for the rest of their lives.

Whatever your thoughts are on these new gifting trends, we hope that you will agree that they show we are becoming more choosy about how we make that occasion a little more bespoke than the last one.